Busy full-time mom, part teacher, all crafter!

I am a mom of 5 working out of my home and doing what I have always wanted to do - create! I love quilting, sewing, and many forms of needlework.

My shop is named after my little dog Freckles. She is a Jack Russell/terrier mix rescue that was left to die in the cold. She was picked up by the Humane Society and they found that someone had wrapped a rubber band around her tail to dock it. We adopted her and she has been my sewing room and knitting companion for the last 2 years. Coincidentally, she came into my life around the same time I started my business. I wanted a name that reflected fun, strength, and a love for life. Freckles is all of that and so much more.

I have eclectic tastes and enjoy a wide variety of crafts. I enjoy improving on skills I already have and learning new things. I believe part of enjoying life is constantly learning, exploring, and creating.

Freckle Dots

Welcome to my Zibbet studio. Here you will find crochet patterns, knitting patterns, baby blankets, and a variety of other items for home and hobby! Freckle Dots strives to please and patterns are tested to ensure accuracy. We're growing, so please keep checking back.